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SwabUp™ Lab Monitoring kit is for tracing DNA contamination hot-spots in molecular biology labs in order to efficiently eliminate them and prevent future occurrence.

Small amounts of amplicon- or target DNA contaminations could lead to PCR artifacts and false positive results. Originating from aerosolized fragments in centrifuges, pipettes and other lab equipment or from small splatters during working with open reaction tubes, contaminant DNA is very hard to remove and can lead to cross contaminations between samples and widespread problems throughout the testing procedure and interpretation of results. SwabUp™ Lab Monitoring kit contains a sample collection system and DNA extraction system, which was optimized for the efficient detection of the smallest amounts of contaminant DNA.

Recommended Use / Scope

This kit is recommended for the regular monitoring of the lab work area and detection of target or amplicon DNA contaminations.

Lab monitoring should be performed in regular time intervals, where samples are collected from surfaces and/or equipment, which are easily exposed to target and amplicon DNA contaminations, e.g., centrifuge, pipettes, reaction tube racks, doorknobs, lab books, computer keyboard, computer mouse, touchpad, desktops and any surface of a molecular lab work area.

SwabUp™ Lab Monitoring kit is for research use only. It is not recommended for clinical and diagnostic applications or for the detection of RNA contaminations.

Kit Components

Separately packed swabs, Collection Buffer tubes, spin column-based DNA extraction System.

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 181-0010 10 applications
  • Cat. No. 181-0050 50 applications
Required Consumables

Ethanol (> 96 % abs.), 1.5 ml reaction tubes.

Required Lab Devices

Microcentrifuge, heat block, pipetting Equipment.

Shelf Life and Storage

DNA extraction system should be stored at room temperature, Collection Buffer tubes must be stored at 2 – 8 °C. Swabs can be stored at 2 – 30 °C.

Additional information

package sizes

10 applications, 50 applications


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