About Us / Philosophy

Minerva Biolabs Inc. was founded in February 2017 under the law of Delaware,, USA. The company is distributing molecular diagnostic reagents to academic research labs and biopharmaceutical industry, only. Our customers apply PCR or cell culture technology. The products were designed in Germany and sold for almost 18 years worldwide by Minerva Biolabs GmbH located in Berlin, Germany, with great success, but sporadically in the USA. A selection of products is now manufactured in the USA, others are obtained directly from Germany and stored in our warehouse in New Jersey to serve our customers in the USA and Canada with immediate shipping. A service office will be opened soon in Florida to provide high-end product support.

Our core competence is the control of mycoplasma and bacteria in cell cultures and biopharmaceuticals with e.g. mycoplasma test kits, mycoplasma elimination reagents, disinfection material and preventive additives. Our product can be used for research use only or regulated lot release testing. In addition we employ kits and reagents for basic PCR work, like contamination screening kits, ready-to-go master mixes, cycler validation kits or DNA/RNA removal agents. Microbial detection in food and water, meat identification, halal- and vegan-confirmation are additional specialized product lines for professional quality control testing labs.

We regard it as our function to be your highly competent expert in these specialized areas of contamination control, food control and life style confidence.

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